How To Challenge A Will On Technical Grounds

While a will is meant to make sure that the deceased has some control over what is done with their assets after they pass away, this doesn't mean that the will cannot be disputed, especially if the will has not met all of the technical requirements. However, before you dispute a will, you will want to speak with a will dispute law attorney. Those Who Can Challenge a Will You will need to be an " [Read More]

Top Reasons To Hire An Attorney For Estate Planning

Estate planning is not something that most people look forward to — it can be uncomfortable to think about your own demise and what will happen after you pass away. However, estate planning is extremely important, and it is a simple way to ensure that your wishes are followed after your death. In addition, proper estate planning will also put measures in place in the event that you are physically or mentally incapacitated and are unable to make your own decisions. [Read More]

Starting A New Business? Here's Why You Need A Lawyer

If you are on the cusp of opening up your own business, you are likely quite excited and eager to get started with your new company or firm. But before you open the doors or start taking phone calls from potential customers and clients, and before you even hire a single employee, the very first thing you should do is contact a local business lawyer. Here's why having an attorney on your side during your company's very first days is an excellent idea that could pay off or protect you for years into the future. [Read More]

Can Women Face Domestic Assault Charges?

If you are a woman who has been accused of domestic assault, you might worry that you can be convicted. It is true that women can be convicted of domestic assault, even though the stereotype of domestic violence is commonly associated with men. Keep reading to learn more about facing domestic assault charges as a woman. Take Domestic Assault Charges Seriously There are many people who do not think it is possible for women to be charged or convicted with domestic violence. [Read More]